Hot Black Friday Deals: $3.99 Blu-rays & $199 laptop!

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Best Buy’s ASUS laptop is Deal of Day for $199.99!

The latest Black Friday deals surfacing include Amazon price-matching Blu-rays that Best Buy was showcasing for their Black Friday sale. Amazon is also offering some intriguing deals of the day worth checking out as they prep for the big week ahead. In addition, Best Buy has several hot deals going on on a laptop computer, the Fire TV Stick and more. Let’s dive into the deals!  [Read more…]

Black Friday 2014 Chromebook Deals

Many shoppers are awaiting Black Friday 2014 Chromebook deals so they can pick up one of these laptop alternative computing options. These devices differ from laptops a bit in terms of capability, but offer some interesting aspects that may appeal to those who want a quick and easy laptop-like device they can get online with to do certain tasks. We’ve already seen some Chromebook early Black Friday deals pop up at Amazon, and we expect other retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy and/or Target may follow suit. Let’s take a look at what’s available and what these devices can do to help you make the best purchase! [Read more…]

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse vs. MS Touch Mouse on Amazon

Buyers Review Source has noticed the recent craze over the Microsoft mice.  The Microsoft Touch Mouse has been a hot product online for internet traffic, but it isn’t the superior product when it comes to mice!  That would be the sleek and stylish Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse which seems to have more fans right now in the market.  These may be topping many Christmas wish lists for computer users in the coming holiday season. [Read more…]

Western Digital My Passport 1TB Portable Hard Drive Review

When it comes to external hard drives the first thing many people think about is big, bulky and clumsy.  The majority of them are, and they need to be plugged into a power outlet, then connected to a PC or laptop via USB or firewire.  Then there’s the driver, hardware and software installation.  However, this is not the case with Western Digital Passport 1TB portable hard drive.  Read on for our review of this lightweight champion of external hard drives, the My Passport Essential 1TB drive! [Read more…]

Apple iPad Tablet Computer Features Guide

Alas, Steve Jobs and the folks at Apple have brought forth the tablet PC revolution!  Many fans of the iPod Touch and iPhone instantly hopped on board for the newest tech gadget, the Apple iPad, a technological advancement unseen before.  However, there are those out there contemplating whether or not to go order the iPad now.  Is it worth the money?  Well it depends what you’d like to use it for really, and how much you’re willing to spend.  If you don’t want the bulkiness of a laptop,  we say go for it, it’s a cool device with plenty of interesting features, an always growing app store and of course, future expandability.  However, keep in mind the Apple iPad tablet is not quite a laptop computer.  Read on for more info about the iPad features to help your decision! [Read more…]

Dell V305W All-in-one wireless printer review

As computers have developed, so has the technology of the peripherals associated with them.  Going wireless is the modern day standard for most technology, and printers should definitely be included on that list along with your keyboards and mice.  Printer prices have come down nicely these days, especially for the types that can do more than just print.  Faxing, copying and scanning are now a snap with all-in-one printer models, some of which include some nice extra features as well.  Presented for your buying consideration here is our Dell V305W all-in-one wireless printer review. [Read more…]

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